A few weeks ago, I modeled a similar SMD Component BOX which was themed after BB8 DROID from star wars.

It was a useful tool but it had a flaw, it was too big and it requires a huge storage space.

So here’s a small and manageable idea, a small BOX under 16mm SIZE inside which we can place really important stuff which we dont want to get mixed with other SMD components like in my case, I have to store a few Attiny85 which are in SOIC8 Package and few WS2812B LEDs.

Here’s how I modeled the parts.

  • To get started, I first modeled a BOX in fusion360.
  • The width length and height of the base were 15.97mm x 15.90mm x 15.50mm
  • I extruded it and added two round parts that will hold the Lid with screws from both sides.
  • After preparing the BODY, I exported its 3MF file for 3D Printing.

I used my Ender3 to print the small cube.

If you want to modify this model, I have attached its fusion360 and step file so feel free to do that.

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