The modelling was all done using tinkercad and was split into 3 sections

  1. The leg mechanism
  2. The speeder circling mechism
  3. The head turn mechanism

All 3 mechanism uses different types of gears. I did a lot of research on gears to see what works for each mechanism.

1-Leg mechanism

All 4 legs are powered by a single N20 motor that is connected very intricately with gears to rotate both clockwise and counter clockwise to help with a smooth rotation.

2- Speeder mechanism

the speeder would circle the whole base and atat so i made 4 post from the base to hold onto a 90 teeth ring gear.

3- The atat head turns

At first i wanted to use a single motor to power the whole automata but that means i had to make a gear mechanism that would transfer rotation power from the base to the ATAT body and head. Althought i got it to work, the torque that the motor was turning was too powerful that the 3d printed parts was starting to break apart. In the end I added another N20 motor in the atat body to make the head turns

After all the mechanism was completed, I concerntrated on making the ATAT details. Learning from past experience from the x-wing, I separated all the laser cannon so if 1 broke, you dont need to print the whole head again.

Modelling the ATAT was the easy part. after that i separated all the parts for easy 3d printing. If you have a very tuned 3d printer, you wont need to support a lot of the parts.

As always, all 3d stl models can be found here or or

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