At first glance, looking at the picture, it is not even very clear what it is. It looks like some kind of weapon 🙂 Especially in this «army» color.

I’ll tell you why it was all invented. Quite often, my friends and I go to camping, fry meat, and now we have also got used to making chic cheese kebabs, for which skewers are simply irreplaceable. So after cooking, there is often no time, energy and desire to thoroughly wash them. It is much easier to do this at home (most of the time our sorties are short enough). And it is inconvenient to take dirty skewers home, they tear the bags in which they can be wrapped, the trunk in the car becomes dirty. If the skewers have their own good cover, then you cannot put dirty skewers there, because this is where all its beauty ends. I thought for a long time how to avoid all this.

And so this case appeared! What’s the bonus? Even unwashed, dirty skewers can be perfectly folded there, because the cover itself is easily disassembled and perfectly cleaned from the inside. Very comfortably!

In addition, it is convenient when you buy inexpensive skewers per piece, as a rule, in this case, they are sold without a cover, and they are compactly packed and perfectly stored, they are convenient to store, transport, they do not get dirty in the process, and always remain clean.

In general, I tried this thing and was very pleased with the option I made.

And most importantly, it is quite easy to do! The first such cover in our family was made by my wife, we didn’t even paint it 🙂 This is a good option if you are looking for a very easy way. For beauty, you can also paint.

In general, try 🙂

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