Eco-friendly Wallpaper Research Proposal

Introduction: My definition of eco-friendly in printmaking is to use the least amount of solvent that is harmful for human and environment during the process and dispose waste, such as ink and contaminated rags, in the right bins for later disposal at a waste facility. For this project, Speedball water based ink will be used.

Eco Friendly aspects for this project:

— Reuse tools and materials, such as ink, containers, mylar, paper and so on.

— Dispose of wallpaper adhesive which is considered to be a non-hazardous waste, either let the waste dry out and treat it as regular waste into the trash bin

— Leftover water based ink which is also considered to be non-hazardous waste can be disposed of in the trash can after completely drying out

Goal: The goal of this project is to create wallpaper using silkscreen process with the least amount of waste that will be harmful for the environment.

Research plan:

Research for materials for the silkscreen process Use Adobe Illustrator to create the design for the vinyl cutter Start the silkscreen process and capture the process on video for the final tutorial


Speedball ink:

According to the Safety Data Sheet, Speedball acrylic screen printing ink has no hazardous ingredients under OSHA Hazard Community Standard. During the process making the pattern on the wallpaper, leftover ink will be available to use from previous semesters. New ink will not be needed to purchase. In combination with the ink, Speedball acrylic extender base which also has no hazardous ingredients will be used under OSHA Hazard Community Standard. Both the ink and the base are water based.

Wall adhesive: Roman Pro-543 liquid wallpaper adhesive

According to the Safety Data Sheet, this product has no hazardous ingredients under OSHA Hazard Community Standard.

Paper: The final choice of paper will be decided after test print on a variety of papers: Stonehenge, washi.

Washi paper is made using no chemical, eco-friendly. Stonehenge is 100% cotton with acid-free. (All fine art paper is acid free to protect the artwork) Price: Unbleached Mulberry paper off-white 8.5” x 11” costs $0.59. Stonehenge 22” x 30” costs $3.47 (Plaza art).

Design of the wallpaper:

The design is created according to my interest and my art practice. The design is based on a dream from my childhood. In the dream, there were numerous shapes moving and dancing around in a large space with no music. In the final design, the shapes will have bright colors.

Additional tools: (All the tools in this list are reusable and can be clean with water)

Plastic containers to mix ink (1 Dollar store), quality depends on the number of colors Spatula (1 dollar store)

Silkscreen screen (at local art store or Printing squeegee (at Blick store, any art supply website or your university’s printshop) Mylar (Local art store

( These tools can be purchased on Amazon, Plaza Art website or Blick Art material)

Conclusion: After research and gathering materials, the process will be recorded for the final tutorial.

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