Introduction: Easy Clay Pumpkin Sculpture

Here is a technique for making a sculpture of a pumpkin that easily captures a pumpkin’s form. I used an air dry clay similar to model magic, but this technique could work for other clays as well.


  1. Model Magic (Orange and Green, but you can color white clay with washable markers)
  2. Green Pipe Cleaners (optional addition)
  3. Tooth Pick (optional tool)

Step 1: Color Clay With Marker

I started with orange clay but needed to make the green clay for the stem and leaf.

  1. Flatten the clay and color all over it with marker
  2. Fold it in half enclosing the colored part
  3. Knead the clay to mix the color in
  4. Repeat this until you get the color you want

Step 2: Divide Orange Clay

  1. Start with a ball of clay a little smaller than the size you would like your finished pumpkin
  2. Divide orange clay into 6 even pieces
  3. Form each piece into a round ball

Step 3: Form Pumpkin Pieces

  1. Take each ball and roll it into a cylinder shape. Mine here looked like fat baby carrots, but you can do different thicknesses and lengths to get different shaped pumpkins
  2. Align all the pieces in a straight line along their long edges

Step 4: Add the Stem

  1. With the green clay, create a stem and leaf
  2. The stem can be made by rolling a cylinder that is a little longer than the height of the orange cylinders
  3. The leaf should have a stem about 1″ long to tuck into the middle of the pumpkin. (optional: toothpick can be used for details)
  4. If you want a pipe cleaner vine, cut it to size and spiral it
  5. Add all the pieces to the middle of the laid out pumpkin pieces as shown

Step 5: Roll the Pumpkin Together

  1. Connect the first orange cylinder with the last orange cylinder by rolling the pieces together, keeping the stem in the middle.
  2. Your pumpkin is done, but you can squeeze it a little to give it a shape you like and use the tooth pick for some additional details.

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Penolopy Bulnick

Nice technique making the pumpkin out of multiple rolled pieces 🙂



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