Introduction: Fidget Spinner in Cad ONSHAPE

In this you will create a Fidget Spinner in Cad ONSHAPE. Overall this is a fun and educational project that anyone can do!


All you need for this is an ONSHAPE account and a computer that can run ONSHAPE in the browser.

A basic understanding of ONSHAPE or

Step 1: Setting Up the Program

First thing that you MUST do is configure the measurement lengths.
Click on Document Menu After clicking on Document Menu you must click on Work Space Units Make sure the units used is millimeters

Step 2: Creating the Bearing Pt1

Go to Sketch and select the Z plane

Once you do that sketch the image above out

Sketch the big circle for 22mm and the smaller one 8mm

After that click the checkmark and exit the sketch.

Step 3: Creating the Bearing Pt2

Now click the extrude button

Once you click it click on the outside ring of the Bearing we just created

Once you have that clicked, copy what I made in the extrude tab

You are now done with the bearing, congratulations!

Step 4: Creating the Spinner Pt1

Now, create another sketch and select the Z plane again.

Once it is selected, copy what is above

Once completed hit the checkmark and you are finished with the sketch

Step 5: Creating the Spinner Pt2

Now extrude the Spinner

Hold down shift to select every part of the sketch except for the holes

Now copy what is in the extrude tab

Step 6: Creating the Spinner Pt3

Now click on the fillet tool and select every edge on the spinner except for the middle hole (hold shift)

Once that is done now copy what is done in the fillet bar

The spinner should now look like the final image

Congrats! You have now completed the spinner

Step 7: Creating the Hub Pt1

Create a new sketch

Copy what is above on the sketch

Step 8: Creating the Hub Pt2

Now click on the revolve button which is right next to the extrude button

Once you click on it, Click on the line in the middle of the of and click on the object itself

Once you do that copy what is in the box and complete the revolve

Step 9: Check Up

Your project should now look like this

Step 10: Assembling the Spinner Pt1

Click the plus to create an assembly

After that click on insert

Once you do that, insert all three of the parts we made

Step 11: Assembling the Spinner Pt2

First completely select the Bearing

Set it as our fix point

Step 12: Assembling the Spinner Pt3

Once you do that

Click the revolve mate

After that select in the middle of the spinner’s middle circle and the middle of the bearing’s circle

If you drag your spinner it should move around the bearing

Step 13: Assembling the Spinner Pt4

Now apply the hub to the bearing

Click on fastened mate

Once you do that click on the bottom of the

It should now look like the 4th picture

Step 14: Assembling the Spinner Pt4

Go to insert and add another hub

Completely select it then rotate it 180 degrees

Go and attach it to the bottom of the bearing using a fasten mate

It should now look like the 3th picture

If it does, congratulations!

You have just completed your fidget spinner!

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