Since I don’t have any pictures, I’ll describe the rest of the process.

For the guitar body, I painted it a base color of burnt orange. Using a pencil, I drew out where I wanted the pick guard to go and painted it black, outlining it with off-white paint. Next, I cut and glued two tiny rectangles of silver reflective cardstock paper to be the guitar’s pickups.

Beneath them, I cut out the same paper to be the vibrato tailpiece at the bottom. Glued directly next to it, I bent a small piece of wire and tipped it with black paint. This is the guitar’s tremolo. Next to it, I used a toothpick and dotted silver and black paint to be the volume and tone controls. Finally, I went back with silver paint and a toothpick and applied dots on the guitar according to reference pictures.

For the guitar neck, I painted it with a base coat of black acrylic paint. Once it dried, I outlined it with off-white. I used the same white paint and a thin paintbrush to create the frets and the fret markers.

For the guitar head, I painted it with a base coat of off-white acrylic paint. I used a thin paintbrush to apply the black mark on it, as well as using silver paint for the guitar name at the top. I used a toothpick and silver paint for the tuning peg markers. For the tuning pegs, I placed a tiny amount of hot glue to the very tip of a toothpick and pressed it flat. I trimmed the edges square, cut off the tip of the toothpick, and used Super Glue to apply it to the sides of the head. Finally, I painted them silver.

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