Whilst I was looking for Inspiration on Youtube I came across this Wine bottle stand, It was just a slat of wood with the bottom cut at 45 degrees and a Hole in it for the neck of the bottle, Looks as though its balancing which it is in a way, but very clever I thought so had a go at making one and include it with the Table build.

This is how I made this particular one.

I think this would work with any thickness of Pallet wood or any wood really, the principle is the same as with the width of the wood, but I also think due to the nature of it, its better with a bigger footprint.

The width of Pallet wood I used was 100mm thickness was 20mm and the length was 8 1/2 inches or so, doesn’t have to be exact.

First of all we need a length of timber, In this case it was pallet wood, cut to the dimensions of the above, the chop saw cutting blade was set on an angle of 45 degrees and a cut was made across the piece, it was then cut to length at 8 1/2 inches, measuring 2inches down from the non angled end and centred, a 1″3/8 Forstner bit was used to drill a hole straight through the wood using a backing piece of scrap wood to stop splintering, that’s basically it, I have seen a video where the hole was drilled at 45 degrees making the bottle more horizontal, personal choice I guess, I don’t drink wine so I don’t know which angle is best if I’m honest.

I think a word of warning as well, I suggest the wine bottle holder needs to be out of the way, if it get’s too much of a knock it will be on the floor wine as well and this will create tears for a number of different reasons:(

As always I hope you found this Instructable helpful and thanks for looking.

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