Ever wondered how toothpaste was stripy, or duo spread (choc and nut) was possible?… Well now you can make a Double Jam/Spread yourself! Having gifted this to a few people — it really does have a ‘how did you do that?!’ quality to it, as well as making a great tasting (reduced sugar) homemade jam.

This instructable was created kinda by accident — as I made some English Plum Jam (Red), with my son, and only filled 1/2 a jar…I later figured I could just add more Mirabelle Plum Jam (Yellow) on top…I realised this looked really cool, but of course the ‘problem’ was that the Red was hidden below the Yellow! I rather liked the idea that I could dip into either, in whatever ratio I desired, and create varying proportions of jam on my toast, as the mood took me…

The breakthrough moment, (we await our Nobel Prize nomination), was in realising I could create a ‘wedge’ by allowing the first pour of jam to set at an angle — thus giving equal access to either jam.

Anyway — assuming you’re reading this far not because you *need* this, but because you *want* it in your life, let’s jump into how to not only make Double Jam — but how you can get your kid(s) involved in the process of making food. (And if you’re not a fan of high-sugar Jams/Spreads — this is a great way to make a healthier alternative).

Safety Warning: As with any cooking with kids, please take care. If you are not confident about managing the Jam *and* a young child ‘helper’, I suggest just doing it alone first, or just letting them do the safe bits of preparing the fruit. Jam boils hotter than water, and worse — sticks to the skin, making any burns far worse. Like water, boiling Jam also ‘spits’, so I suggest wearing goggles. Safety warning aside, this is truly a great project to do with your kids, even if only spectating, as they see the whole process/transformation.

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