I work at Home Depot in the electrical dept., so I was able to decide which wire would be best for my project. I chose the Exterior 16-2 speaker wire. And bought 100 feet. This has the gray casing which is suitable for outside elements. I probably could have gone with the 18-2, which is the next smallest wire down. But my thinking for using the 16-2 would be thicker when adding on the DC connectors to bite on to secure them better.

For my yard setup I made 3 — 20 feet cords, and 4 — 10 feet cords. I need to get more wire, but I plan on making several 10 foot lengths. I figure I’ll have more control with 10 foot lengths and just having a lot of one size will make it simpler than separating and labeling them. I originally added colored zip ties, but didn’t write them down and forgot which colors were which. So when all rolled up, its hard to pick out the longer lengths…..lol.

For my power supply, I went with the ABLEGRID AC Adapter Model PA-60W 12V / 5A with 8 way splitter, which can power several LED spots and some props with wiper motors. I bought extra splitters, and if I need to I can branch off. But buying 2-3 of these should be plenty to push an ALL 12V props setup.

Using the 12V DC power jack connectors male and female adapters 2.1 x 5.5mm to connect the wires as needed. Each cord you make should have one female and one male on each end to link them up correctly. If you search amazon long enough you’ll find some decent deals on these and especially if the seller is including a % off coupon by clicking the box. For example at this writing a set of 10 male and female are $8.00. And I recently purchased a 24 pack for $12.

When connecting the jacks to the wires, make sure to follow the POS (+) and NEG (-) markers on them. For example if you Designate the Red wire as POS, make sure they go into only all the POS (+) terminals, and black in the NEG (-) terminals. Use electrical tape over the connections once you’ve got it all set up for use. Wrap the tape a couple inches past the jack on both sides. Wrap tight for a better seal.

Another pic I did not get was that I used a small cheap GLAD food container with Lid to hold the main power transformer in during the wet weather. Go to Dollar store and buy a pack of either GLAD or Ziploc containers with Lids. I think the ones I have are 6″x 6″. Cut out a small notch on each side of the container just the size of the wire. That way you have an in and out feed of the wires. Using the black spray paint to paint the container, so that it blends in with shadows in your yard at night.

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