1. Install MobaXtrem from here for Windows OS or we can install Putty for Linux/MacOS like this guide.
2. Connect the FTDI USB to UART Serial cable to the USB hub.

3. Connect the red wire of the FTDI cable to H08R60 module power port top side.

4. Connect the black wire of the FTDI cable to module power port bottom side.

5. Connect the yellow wire of the FTDI cable to module port P2 top side.

6. Connect the orange wire of the FTDI cable to module port P2 bottom side.

7. You should see a single red indicator LED blink on the modules.

8. Press enter in the Commands window, you should see BOS CLI welcome message. You can use backspace if you misspell a letter.

9. Type status to view a report on module ports, firmware, etc.

10. Array Exploration:

-Connect to IR module and type explore, the modules start discovering each other and building their array topology.

-Type all.ping, both module will ping.

-The array topology is stored permanently. If you power cycle, the modules keep their topology and show multiple blinks.

Type default array to remove the topology and restore native firmware when you decided start a new project.

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