A basic book nook with easy to scrounge materials.

This was a trial run for a take home kit zoom library program later this Spring. Since I can’t assume people have hot glue at home and can’t send them home with it, I wanted to do one you could manage without. So it’s doable with mounting putty, but if you do have hot glue, that’s almost always the better option

Keep an eye out as you go for walks. I found a few branches with interesting lichen knocked down by the snow and ice and recent high winds, so of course lugged them back to cut up for projects!

It’s also a good time of year for collecting interesting lichen as it gets warmer and damp.

***An observation on fairy lights and batteries.***

The coin battery ones are the cheapest and the battery pack is the lightest, which is so much nicer when assembling. However they go through batteries a lot faster and are more of a pain to open and replace. Ones with AA battery packs are a bit more expensive and a lot clunkier when you’re assembling your piece, but seem to have a longer lifespan and are a lot easier to open and replace batteries. So if you’re buying them rather than using what you have on hand, take a minute or two to decide which is more important to you!

Also, even though it might sound counterintuitive, silver colored wire blends a lot better with trees than copper wire does. (Second time getting them I bought copper colored by accident, learn from my mistake!)

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