Now that we have the encrypted clue, all we have to do is hide it.

For this we now need the laminating film, the Message-Note and the Permanent Marker.

Place the note written on in the laminating film.
First transfer the markers in the corners onto the foil. The markers that we have placed in the corners are later used to correctly place the individual layers on top of each other.

Then individual parts of your message. Whether you use whole letters or words is up to you.
In this example I am only transferring parts of the individual characters.

Tip: mark the characters that you have already transferred on the template after this step.

When you are done with it, move the note to the next free space and repeat the whole thing with the characters that have not yet been transferred. Again, draw in the markings in the corners!

This is how you create multiple layers of the message that only make sense when put together.
In my experience, three layers are optimal.

When you’re done, take out the template and just laminate the film. This also fixes the characters on the film.

at last cut out the individual layers.

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