There are two sections to the skirt of the apron, and both are unlined and one section to the waistband, which is lined.

Using a flexible measuring tape, measure from one side of your hip to the other side of your hip. This will be the width of the bottom layer of the apron- you can easily add more width here if you would like a fuller apron skirt.

Take a second measurement from the centre of you waist downwards, to the bottom of wear you would like the apron to stop.

To transfer these measurements onto the fabric fold you fabric in half, and measure from the centre fold outwards, and place a mark when you have reached the hip measurement. Measure 8 inches down from this mark as well.

On the centre fold, measure the apron length down from the top line and place another mark.

Connect the marks together and cut the bottom apron skirt piece.

For the top layer of the skirt, take roughly 6 inches from the hip measurement, and mark only 6 inches down from the top line, giving you a les wide, and shorter top section.

When both skirt sections are unfolded, the top edge of the skirt will actually measure double the hip measurement that was taken.

For the waist band you can do a simple rectangle band, or a triangular design like the images.

Cut 2x 6 inch lengths of fabric the run the width of your fabric (from selvedge to selvedge). and fold these in half width-wise.

Measure from one side of you hip to the other and halve the measurement. Measure this distance from the centre fold of the waistband material and mark a spot three inches down from the edges. Draw a line from the top edge of the centre fold to the spot you have marked and continue down the rest of the waistband piece, and then cut the fabric along the line.

Remember- Be mindful of any directional prints your fabric may have.

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