The first step for creating the lid is to cut some more decking boards to length. The amount you’ll need will vary depending on how wide the boards are but for a rough estimate, I used 5 boards (cut in half) to cover a 1.2m x 1.2m sandpit.

You’ll want to cut the boards to match the width of the sandpit, in our case that’s 1.2m long.

You can then secure 2 boards to the frame with screws at both ends. These sit flush on the ends and will give us something to attach the hinges to. They also provide support for the seat later.

With those fixed in place, we can add 2 more boards at both ends but these get attached with T hinges and braces. First secure them together with the hinges, 2 on each side. Then secure those hinges to the boards that we fixed in place earlier. The hinges will hold the boards but it’s not very strong so using the same wood we used in the corners cut some braces. I cut 4 in total, 2 for each side. I also cut away the corners and sanded them round to make them look like little armrests.

They can then be attached to the underside of the boards with screws. Make sure they sit inside the frame though. Double-check the lid will close ok without the braces hitting the side of the frame. Do the same to the other side too.

The final board to add in place at each end is attached with T hinges too, slightly shorter ones though. They get attached on the underside this time too, that way the final board can fold in the opposite direction to create a backrest. Again, it will need some braces made from the same wood we used for the other braces. These are cut slightly oversized though. They are only fixed to the one board with screws because this allows them to swing over and interact with the frame itself. They lean against it creating a really strong back rest support. They also work great as handles to open and close the lid sections.

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