Where does one hide their spy camera? I considered hiding it in inconspicuous spots in my house, but honestly we don’t get many visitors, I could only spy on myself. A wearable seemed like an obvious way to deploy a spy cam (I mean this is SPY 101.. right- think phone shoe). Right on cue a craft store coupon shows in my email. Long story short, I bought loads of Sculpey III, far too many tools and I was off to the races.

I read quite a lot of suggestions and concluded that the steps are, shape it and bake it… so that is what I did. This is where those sea shanties came in. ( baking takes a while)

Here are some items that I took note of while creating the Kraken

  • The clay was darker once it was baked
  • For the tentacles I used wire and aluminum foil to make the fleshier and more dimensional
  • To attach the suction cups I made sure they were secure and not loose before baking, even adding a bit more clay to marry the pieces together. I used this method to attach the tentacles to the eye base as well smoothing it out to make them look like one piece
  • Make sure the eye hole is big enough to house the camera ! Test it out it is hard to adjust later

So there are MANY sites that will instruct you on proper baking of you clay so that it cures properly. I used this as a guide

“Bake for 15 minutes per quarter inch of thickness. For example, a piece of 1/2″ thickness should be cured for 30 minutes.» I did bake this in my toaster oven, I cleaned it after.

One my Kraken had taken shape and cured to the proper hardness. It was time to paint. I used regular acrylic craft paint. A primer might have been a good idea to make the paint application easier but I «Cracked On» … sigh. Occasionally stopping for tea and cookies. Incidentally, I baked the disk with the eye separately and attached the tentacles and baked again

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