This step will make or break the entire project — It’s time to attach the brackets to the counter.

The basic process is simple:

1) Apply a healthy dose of wood glue into each of the pre-cut grooves in the counter

2) Place the brackets into the grooves and dry-fit the baseplate in place on the brackets

3) Position the brackets in the groove so that they are seated as deep as possible in the grooves and are slid forward to where the baseplate comes flush with the back edge of the counter

4) Clamp the brackets and screw the Baseplates into place

While the process is straight-forward, there are several ways in which the installation can be messed up and the effectiveness of the brackets compromised as a result … let’s discuss:

First, the glue application should be all over the insides and bottom of the grooves. You want a consistent bond line as, in the end, this glue will be ONLY thing directly attaching the brackets to the counter

Second, great care should be taken to ensure that the vertical leg of the brackets are, indeed, perpendicular to the counter surface. Failure to ensure perpendicularity will result in the baseplate of the bracket failing to make consistent contact with the wall when the counter is installed. Any gaps between wall and bracket will be turned into points of failure as localized bending and deflections are maximized. Not to mention, the counter will be unable to be levelled on the wall if the bracket itself isn’t true. For that matter, extra care should be taken to ensure that the baseplate sits flush with the back edge of the counter as well. Again, any gaps or twisting on the baseplate will create failure points in the brackets and prevent the counter from sitting level and flush on the wall.

Once I had the brackets and baseplates in place, I used clamps to hold everything together as the glue dried. Meanwhile, I pre-drilled 7 holes in the baseplate using a staggered pattern (as shown in the attached images) and then proceeded to fasten the baseplates to each of the brackets.

Be sure to clean up any excess glue that got squeezed out during clamping and then leave everything to dry overnight.

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