The forms were removed and I brought in 12 yards of topsoil to fill around the pit area, gradual slope out into the yard. I did this in 3″ lifts, compacting each lift until I had it to the place where it was pleasing to the eye. I welded up a circular grating to lift the firewood off the bottom. We really enjoy this area, and so do our friends and neighbors. We had a contractor quote us a price for this installation, and it was in excess of $18,000. We did the entire thing from base to grass seed for $5,600 in materials. We used no power equipment other than the wet saw, which was a Harbor Freight wet/moving table saw, and the plate compactor. Shovels, wheel barrows, and lots of muscle and sweat were the main ingredients. We did some additional paver walkways to connect this to other parts of the yard, but that is another project post! I hope this helped you in your next project!

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