Im going to come clean here when starting this project i had a plan to use a method to print and transfer text with a printer for the names but that didnt work so i had to step outside my comfort zone and paint the names on do keep in mind dont be afraid to step out of your comfort zone when you need to its not all that bad {DISCLAIMER: if not in your comfort zone is something like using a plasma cutter or using a chainsaw probably get some help for that but painting is mostly harmless)

so for the names i decided to do a poor mans graphite transfer i went and printed out my dogs names in a font i felt suited them Sandy got a nice script font Jellybean got a bold font (which happened to be called unicorn her favorite) Jada got a simple font since she’s not to complicated very easy going and my parents dog got the i love Lucy font because her names Lucy

once printed out i held the bone behind the paper to make sure it be a good fit on the bone and i cut out the name once it looked good making sure to leave enough space on the ends to tape the paper on

before taping it on take a pencil and scribble all over the back of the paper where the word is just get it good and covered on the back

being careful not to rub the pencil align the name where you want it and tape it to the bone

once its taped on trace over the letters with the pencil and go over all the letters being sure to get all the closed in spots and loops like in the a’s and o’s

once everything thing is traced over peel up one side of tape and look at the name make sure its how you want it and you got everything in order if something is too light you can either re apply the tape and try again tracing over the spot again or just trace over the light spot directly on the wood remember its pencil if you make a mistake erasers are a thing

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