Layer your fabric pieces with the batting as follows:

  • outer fabric, good side up
  • batting
  • lining fabric, good side down

In other words, the wrong side of both fabrics is facing inward towards the batting.

Baste the 3 layers together with pins, or use a fusible batting and iron the 3 pieces together to baste in place.

If you have one, put an even feed foot on your sewing machine and lower the pressure foot pressure.

For Bag One with the applique, I quilted flower petal shapes inside the hexagons, and free motion quilted in a random stipple pattern around the applique. If you are free motion quilting, you need to lower the feed dogs on your sewing machine first so the fabric can move freely. For the circle on the back, I stitched lines following the shape of the circle. This is called «echo quilting».

For Bag Two, I stitched along some of the lines which were on the print. The last photo shows the inside and outside of the Bag Two pieces — you can see the quilting lines most clearly on the plain lining fabric.

Once you’ve finished the quilting, sew around the edge of the bag piece(s) so that all 3 layers are secured together at the outside edges.

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