I love a well prepared smoked brisket, Southwestern-style. But, this is not your normal low and slow brisket. This brisket take around 52 hours to prepare and it is absolutely 100% worth the time.

It is juicy, soft, has a perfect smoke ring, brown/black crust and is really tasty.

And yes, I know my American friends, you are most probably laughing at this, but try it, you might just never look back again!!

You see, I do not have a proper smoke house to do this low and slow. What I do have is a Sous Vide stick. And boy, that Sous Vide works well.

If you do not know what a Sous Vide stick is, it is simply an immersion cooker. Google it and you will see what it looks like.

The basic idea is you vacuum seal your meat, place it in a water bath and set the Sous Vide stick to a very specific temperature for the cut of meat you are preparing and walla, perfect meat!!!

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