Instep Kids Bike Trailer:

**WHEN PURCHASING MAKE SURE YOU GET THE STROLLER ADDITIONS**which include the front swivel wheel and rear tire brakes.

I chose this trailer for many reasons:
1. It’s easy to find used ones and repurpose, so decreasing what goes to the land fill! The fabric dry rots or the harnesses break eventually and that is the end of the critical safety part of the trailer, and not worth investing, if you can even find, the replacement canopy and straps.
2. The wheels are plastic and salty ocean water will not corrode them like aluminum or steel wheels. I filled my tires with Slim so I never have to pump them up again! Also I run the tires a little low to help float on the sand.
3. The small spin wheel on the front is so awesome for stabilizing the trailer while not in use. My carbon fiber boards never have to touch the ground like many other SUP hauling devices. It is also very nice for moving around, it turns on a dime.
4. You can just leave your boards on the rack for storage in the garage or in your side yard.
5. I just bought another replacement trailer for my girls and plan to use this design to repurpose the trailer when the girls no longer want to ride in the trailer


Make sure you fully seat each connection when gluing. Dimensions will be off if not done so. After gluing the pipe and inside of the connection, push the pipe together and HOLD IT for 10 seconds. If you push the pipe in and let go, hydraulic pressure will spit the pipe out and dimensions will be all whacked!

By changing the PVC uprights of the cart, this can be transformed in a two tier cart for hauling Kayaks. Instead of the supports going length wise with the trailer, have them go across the trailer, then you can have a lower shelf and upper shelf for kayaks to rest on.

Loading and Hauling Boards:
Depending on the length of your boards, you’ll want to set them in the cart differently. I was able to put my boards about a foot behind center so there was less weight to carry with my hand, any farther back and the board tails would hit the ground. So play with forward or back when mounting to get the balance that works best for you and your boards.

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