This Instructable will cover how to start a pepper plant in a 12 — 24 oz drink can. While you can start any kind of pepper in a can, small varieties like filius blue, black pearl, and aji charapita are good candidates to stay in the can until they produce pods.

There a numerous Pepper In A Can or Chili In A Can challenges on social media, and while I am not participating in any of them, I love the idea of repurposing items to grow food in. Since I take every opportunity possible to encourage our students to reduce reuse and recycle, we will be growing mini peppers using this method. This will not only teach them to grow and care for pepper plants, but it will also reinforce the idea that we can and should reuse items to reduce waste in our everyday activities. We will be growing the plants in the cans, using a clear 2 oz take-out container as a humidity dome, and using an old solo cup to make plant labels.

So, head over to your recycle bin and grab the necessary materials.

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